“”If you are not upgrading your skills, you are downgrading yourself”-by Steve Job

Our Resource Person

Indian Resource Person

Dr.Umasankar Mohanty

Topic -Manual Therapy Positional Release Therapy MFR, HVT Technique

Dr. Deepak Kumar

Topic -Manual Therapy,Mulligan technique, McConnell Taping

Dr.Prabhat Ranjan


Dr.Abhishek Sharma

PNF Technique

Dr. Kannabiran Bhojan

Topic -Manual Therapy

Dr.Vinod Babu K

Topic -Dry needling, MFR, Cupping Technique,IASTM

Dr.Gagandeep Singh

Muscle Recovery Technique

Dr.Jatin Patel

IASTM Technique

Dr.Prem V

Manual Therapy

Dr.Saraswati Devi

Muscle Recovery Technique

Dr. Naarkeesh Arumugam

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Dr.Baskaran Chandrasekaran

Exercise Testing & Prescription

Dr.Mohan Babu

Trigger Point Therapy and Ergonomic & Work related Musculoskeletal Disorder Rehabilitation

Dr. Rameshkumar Ranganathan

Visceral manipulation & Cranio Sacral Therapy

Dr. Shailendra Mehta

Topic -Cancer Rehabilitation

Dr.Mamta Biyani

Topic -MAT Pilates

Dr. Samana Syed

Topic - Evidence based Advanced Critical Care Management & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Dr. Dhanya Raveendran

Topic -Manual Trigger Point Therapy, Soft tissue release, IASTM

Dr.Dibyendunarayan Bid

Topic -Manual Therapy, High Velocity Thrust Technique

Dr. Atul Kalla

Topic -Move Kinetic Tape(Module 1 & Module 2)

Dr.Raj Kannan

Topic-Dry Needling,TMD,Palpation

Dr.Prachi Shah Arora

Topic -Aquatic Therapy, Manual Therapy

Dr. Chirag Verma

Topic -Cupping Therapy

International Resource Person

Dr. S. M. Mustofa Kamal

"Intraarticular infiltration and soft tissue injection" "Rich Plasma Therapy for MSK pain management " "Ozone Therapy for Herniated Disc"

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